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Pearl Academy fosters the development of tomorrow's artistic visionaries, inspired creators, and creative nonconformists. For those seeking a distinguished, globally renowned education in the fields of art and design, Pearl Academy presents an exceptional opportunity.

At our esteemed institution, the art of design transcends mere instruction; we empower visionaries. Our Communication Design programs, the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) and Master of Design (M.Des), are meticulously crafted to ignite your creative passion and equip you with the requisite skills to become a powerful visual communicator.

Envision shaping the world around you through compelling narratives, impactful messages, and innovative design solutions. Our renowned faculty, comprising industry experts, will guide you as you explore the realms of typography, branding, user experience (UX), and beyond. Upon graduation, you will emerge with a portfolio that eloquently showcases your talents, poised to disrupt and redefine the design landscape.

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Programs are taught by industry professionals who have an inside track on what’s moving global markets. Learn from the brightest minds in the industry as they create a supportive and stimulating learning environment where students can thrive. Meet more of our Design Faculty

Our Partner Universities

Enrich your final year with a life-changing opportunity to study at our partner universities in the UK and Australia, obtaining an International Undergraduate Degree—an exceptional worldwide immersion for our student.

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The brilliance of our students' work shines through their creativity, innovation, and profound impact of our courses. Our dedicated faculty nurtures their talent and offers guidance and assistance, ensuring a holistic academic experience.


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