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Siddhant, an accomplished assistant professor, brings a decade-long experience to his role. A versatile and imaginative Communication Designer, he possesses a rich professional history encompassing diverse areas such as Game Design, UI Design, Branding, and Academia. Siddhant's creative skill set spans Art, Design, Music, and Production, allowing him to craft captivating and immersive experiences for various platforms and audiences.

His proficiency extends to mobile games, role-playing games, educational games, and app design, showcased through contributions to level design, game balancing, UI integration, quality control, and game testing across different companies. Siddhant's commitment to education is evident in his roles as an Assistant Professor, curriculum designer, and course leader in Design Academics.

With a Design-focused academic background - B.Des in Communication Design and M.Sc in Game Design - Siddhant has published research papers in Design Aesthetics and Complexity of fractal forms, presented at ICORD. His passion lies in harnessing design and gaming's potential to create innovative and purposeful solutions for real-world challenges.

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