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Application Requirements

Application Requirements
  • Bachelor's Journey: If you're aiming for an undergraduate degree program at Pearl Academy, a 10 + 2 pass certificate is the only requirement.
  • Master's Journey: To be eligible for a postgraduate degree program at Pearl Academy, you must have a bachelor's degree/diploma from a recognized university. It doesn't matter what field you studied in.
  • Entrance Examination: The Pearl Entrance Examination is a test that assesses your academic skills and potential. You will also have a personal interview, where you can showcase your talent and passion for your chosen field of study.
  • Portfolio: Building a portfolio is a great way to showcase your work, we encourage you to showcase a Portfolio during the Personal Interview round of the Pearl Entrance Examination.

How To Apply

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1. Apply for the course

Applicants seeking admission to Pearl Academy are required to fill out an online Online Application Form. The form includes essential personal details, such as the candidate's name, contact information, choice of course, educational qualifications, and more.

Upon successful registration, candidates will receive an admit card that can be downloaded from the official website.

Note: The admit card holds unique passkeys that will be used for verifying your identity during the entrance examination.

2. Entrance Exam

To secure admission at Pearl Academy, candidates must complete the Written Entrance Examination, comprising two assessments:

  1. General Proficiency Test (GPT)
    This test measures applicants’ skills in English Language, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and Data Interpretation.
  2. Design Aptitude Test (DAT)
    The DAT evaluates applicants on creativity, drawing, design prowess, observation and imagination skills, eco-consciousness, and effective communication.

Note: The assessment depends on the course you choose. Eg. Business courses allow you to opt for GPT only while Fashion and Design Courses allow you to opt for GPT + DAT. 

Note: Entrance exam is not applicable for Short-Term Certificate Courses

3. Personal Interview

The written admission test is followed by a Personal Interview round that provides us with deeper insights into each applicant's qualifications and potential.

Applicants are also required to showcase their portfolio, which serves as a platform for evaluating their technical and conceptual proficiency, alongside their material handling skills. Your portfolio should reflect your unique ideas, creative spirit, willingness to experiment, and your skill in translating concepts into tangible designs.

Portfolio Guidelines

4. Scholarship Result

Recognizing the importance of higher education and the financial factors associated with it, we are committed to assisting you in finding the best ways to finance your college journey. Every year, Pearl Academy offers a tuition fee waiver through our scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to the top creative minds. It could be you! Win up to 100% scholarship at Pearl Academy.

Scholarship Application Steps

  • Candidates are required to fill out the online application form, and they should have qualified the entrance exam to be eligible for the scholarship. 
  • After evaluating the applications, shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview conducted by our experienced jury.
  • Finally, the selected students receive confirmation of their scholarship via phone or email.

Note: The percentage of fee waived is contingent on Pearl Academy's decision.

Toll Free Number: 1800 103 3005