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With an illustrious 31-year legacy, Pearl Academy reigns as the Best Design Institute, propelling students to soaring heights across creative domains i.e. Fashion, Communication Design, Product Design, Business, Interiors, Film & Gaming. With 30+ distinct courses, our campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru nurture creative brilliance.  

Enabled by CAES - RGNIYD (An Institution of National Importance) MoU, students at all Pearl Academy campuses will get Bachelor's/Master's Degrees, effective 2024 intake.


Our Legacy

With over three decades of empowering creative minds, Pearl Academy stands tall as a globally renowned institute, embracing entrepreneurship and employability with world as it platform. As the industry thrives amidst advancing technology and strategic shifts, the Academy, since its inception in 1993, has remained at the forefront, catering to ever-changing creative needs of the design, fashion, and retail industry.

Pearl Academy courses equip our graduates with the essential skill set to drive growth, innovation, and social development. Pioneering the Indian market, we blend hybrid learning and real-time lectures seamlessly, creating an engaging and effective learning experience for our students. The future awaits an intensely competitive market, and Pearl Academy continues to pave the way for excellence, ensuring that our graduates spearhead industry success with utmost confidence and prowess.

Our Legacy



Our mission drives us to become a foremost global institute for fashion and design. Rooted in continuous innovation, we uphold unrivalled standards, delivering delightful experiences to students, employees, and industry partners alike.

Quality and Standards

As in diverse pursuits of human endeavours, higher education also operates with benchmarks or standards. These ensure that academic activities in terms of curriculum, its delivery, the evaluation of student work and the performance outcomes all measure up with consistency to stipulated prescriptions or norms. By so doing, educational institutions strive to demonstrate quality in their provisions. In this respect, Pearl Academy, since its inception, has been among the pioneering institutions in India to have underlined QUALITY as its mission.

Quality and Standards

Accreditation (AY 2024)

Pearl Academy offers 3-year and 4-year undergraduate programs. Students enrolled in these programs are eligible to receive a certificate after the successful completion of each year.

Know Us Better

Enter the world of Pearl Academy's excellence. Learn about our visionary leaders, notable awards, strategic advisory board, and powerful collaborations like FDCI, ADI and more, that are defining the future of creative education with brilliance and finesse.

Our Campuses

Our vibrant campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Jaipur brim with top-notch facilities. A playground of creativity awaits, where innovation flourishes and dreams take flight.

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