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Clifford Jeffrey is an Associate Professor at Pearl Academy, bringing over ten years of expertise in visual communication, design, and creative leadership. He holds a Master of Design degree in Communication Design with a specialisation in Photography Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design. Alongside his bachelor's degree in visual communication from Madras Christian College, Clifford's academic foundation is strong.

His career highlights include a successful tenure as a creative lead at a private museum, where he established a department and led teams of designers, photographers, and external collaborators. Clifford's approach to design is holistic, integrating aesthetics and strategic considerations to deliver impactful solutions.

Committed to nurturing the next generation of designers, Clifford actively contributes to education and industry innovation. His dynamic skill set spans creative strategy, project management, advertising, photography, and branding. With a finger on the pulse of industry trends, he ensures his work remains relevant and inspiring.

Clifford's passion for creativity, education, and multidimensional proficiency continues to shape the design landscape. His impact is enduring, influencing both the industry and aspiring designers.

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