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Saumya Kharbanda, the Department lead at Pearl Academy with an experience of over a decade, is a versatile design professional and academic specialising in Interaction Design within Communication Design. With a Master’s degree in Design for Interactions from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor’s in Design in Fashion Communication from NIFT, Delhi, her educational foundation is robust.

Beyond her academic role, Saumya boasts a rich industry background, encompassing UX and visual design expertise at a US-based agency focusing on social innovation. She has also contributed to graphic design endeavours in branding and editorial design consultancies. Her commitment to pushing creative boundaries, fostering intellectual growth, and delivering impactful experiences underscores her passion for design.

Saumya Kharbanda's journey is a perfect combination of excellence in education and design practice. Her leadership at Pearl Academy stands as a testament to her dedication to shaping the future of Communication Design and nurturing creative talents.

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