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India's fashion industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. It encompasses various segments, including clothing, accessories, and textiles. The M. Des. in Fashion Design program curriculum is designed to meet the demand for skilled professionals in the industry who can take leadership and managerial roles in this expanding sector. The curriculum will nurture creative talents to represent India on the global fashion platforms. The fashion and textile industry in India is valued at roughly 108 billion dollars and is predicted to grow to 223 billion dollars in the near future. In addition, the industry employs roughly 45 million people directly and another 60 million indirectly. The program will equip students with advanced skills, making them more competitive in the job market. In the recent years the emerging technology has disrupted the entire apparel industry. This Master's program can foster creativity and design innovation, helping graduates to stay at the forefront of the industry. The curriculum focuses on Specialization and working closely with industry. This will help students to align their skills with the current and emerging needs of the industry, enhancing their employability. There is a growing emphasis on sustainability, ethical design practice and after COVID, it became a new normal for each individual working in the industry. This programme incorporates sustainability as part of the curriculum and train designers to create eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion. India has a rich heritage of textiles and craftsmanship. This M. Des. programme will integrate traditional textile knowledge into fashion design, creating unique and culturally rich designs. The program will facilitate collaborations between students, designers, industry leaders, startup CEOs and Craft Artisans, enhancing students' exposure and building valuable networks.



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Last Date to Apply : 20th April 2024 | Toll Free Number: 1800 103 3005