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Harangad Singh, an assistant professor of fashion, emerges as an exceptional talent from Pearl Academy. His creative journey commenced with a remarkable debut at the Lakme Fashion Week's GenNext segment. Garnering attention from Verve magazine, he earned recognition as "The one to watch out for," a testament to his artistic ingenuity.

Distinguished by his penchant for intricate embroideries, refined finishes, and artistic drapery, Harangad Singh ascended as an accomplished designer. His evolution within the fashion landscape saw him grace Lakme Fashion Week multiple times, solidifying his status. Rooted in a devotion to traditional craftsmanship, he crafts textiles, ensembles, and products that resonate with contemporary global consumers.

Acknowledged by Grazia magazine for his ground-breaking textile innovations, Harangad Singh tries redefining minimalistic fashion through the ingenious application of craft, precision, and cutting-edge design. His collections featured prominently in esteemed publications, including Hindustan Times, Grazia, Mid-Day, and Verve, attest to his enduring impact.

Harangad's interests span the design process, fashion history, textiles, brand analysis, fashion theory, and cultural studies. He imparts his wealth of expertise, inspiring the next generation of fashion connoisseurs to fuse tradition with modernity in their creative pursuits.

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