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As an Assistant Professor at Pearl Academy, Prashanth Muthuswamy draws on his specialised background to prepare students for the dynamic fashion industry. He holds a B.Tech degree from the Institute of Apparel Management.

With four years of experience guiding young minds, Prashanth focuses on imparting both design skills and technological expertise. He also serves as an innovation leader at Pearl Academy, integrating emerging technologies into the curriculum.

Prashanth's five years of direct industry experience lend invaluable real-world perspective. Having worked on the latest trends and strategies, he bridges the gap from theory to practice. His technical knowledge, paired with industry insights, equips graduates with in-demand abilities.

Passionate about staying on the cutting edge, Prashanth keeps students' skills aligned with an ever-evolving field. His leadership in education technology ensures graduates can leverage innovations and confidently excel in their fashion careers.

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