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4 years



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Bengaluru (90), Delhi-South (90), Delhi-West (150), Jaipur (50), Mumbai (75)


The B.Des. in Fashion Design program equips graduates with essential creative, technical, intellectual, and communication skills needed for success in the competitive fashion industry. 

The curriculum emphasises designing and styling with sustainable and practical solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology. With the fashion and apparel industry exponentially growing in India, graduates of this course can expect a diverse mix of job and business opportunities, including roles such as fashion designers, fashion illustrators, visual merchandisers, costume designers, textile designers, among others.

The program further deepens students' understanding of fashion on both local and global levels. By studying fashion trends, design, and the latest technologies, students excel in a wide variety of projects, both in India and abroad.

Additionally, under the School of Life, students develop vital 21st Century skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and financial literacy, positioning them for success in this ever-evolving industry.



Programs are taught by industry professionals who have an inside track on what’s moving global markets. Learn from the brightest minds in the industry as they create a supportive and stimulating learning environment where students can thrive. Meet more members of department...

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