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Research at Pearl Academy

Our focus is to create a favorable research environment at Pearl Academy by creating a Focused Research Group utilizing the benefit of the research for the development of society and a larger global community. It promotes a culture of achieving academic excellence in accordance with research governance and ethical practices.

Research-led teaching is integral to our institution and the scope of our research is aligned with three themes: 

  • AI-driven aesthetics: The art of intelligent design
  • Design futuristics: focusing on aesthetics, style, functionality, and efficiency. 
  • Craftivism: sustainability of craft communities and environment

Research framework 

Collaborative space for emerging and established researchers 

This space provides connection, motivation, and solutions for emerging researchers who are our undergraduate and postgraduate students and established researchers from industry and academia. This space is an open platform for research scholars from all campuses to come together and share their research ideas and develop innovative projects. 

Supporting researchers across faculty and students 

Research Cell facilitates our faculty and students to get involved in research by identifying platforms to showcase their work and publish their articles to develop a quality of work that is interdisciplinary and will support their career development.

Research training is organised by the Research cell to develop the faculty's understanding of the key principles of research integrity and responsibilities, planning projects, identifying methodologies, and decimation of findings. 

To achieve the outcomes the research and innovation process at Pearl Academy includes:

  • Diversity and inclusiveness:

    Research at Pearl Academy looks to produce outcomes that align with the values and expectations of society and all groups involved in and affected by the research and innovation need to work together. Inclusivity of perspectives and expertise to generate higher quality of study and ensure all points of view are considered. 

  • Transparency and openness:

    Research at Pearl Academy is driven by achieving a more knowledge-based society. This means making the process of research and innovation more transparent and open to all, providing meaningful information at all stages of the process to encourage engagement with discussion and scrutiny, which allows faculty and students to make more informed decisions.

  • Anticipation and Reflection:

    Research at Pearl Academy impacts the body of work and its influence on the future in the specialist area. This considers a desirable future anticipating the possible impacts reflecting on the underlying assumptions, values, and purposes of research and innovation that generate insights that allow more responsible action. 

  • Responsive and adaptive to change:

    Research and innovation must respond to the views expressed by stakeholders and, if necessary, methods or goals could change thereof. The ability to adapt because of different views, changing circumstances, or fresh knowledge is an important element of research at Pearl Academy

At Pearl Academy, we appreciate that research defines and drives both design and learning and for the betterment of society, is central to our mission and the achievement of our vision as design educators. We encourage research and value its importance in growing knowledge and information, and therefore encourage and fully support both colleagues and students who undertake it. 

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