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Quality and Standards

Quality and Standards

Academic Governance is responsible for enhancement of Academic Quality Standards and academic rigour to ensure excellence in students experience. It encompasses the academic framework, processes, policies, and principles that guide decision-making and the overall functioning of academics at the institutions keeping in mind the best interest of the learners. It works closely with leadership to ensure success and credibility of the institute.

The framework is based on the principle of equity, inclusivity, and parity.

The core function of Academic Governance is:

Quality Assurance: Academic Governance ensures the maintenance and enhancement of academic quality. It ensures that meets standards as per the accrediting bodies and affiliating partners. It establishes processes to monitor and assess academic standards and work towards continuous improvement.

Curriculum Development: Academic Governance plays an important role in curriculum development and course currency reflecting evolving academic standards, industry demands and societal needs. It provides curriculum framework aligned to the accrediting body and collaborates with all stake holders involved in curriculum design to design the curriculum as per the quality framework. It ensures the completion of documentation required for approval process.

Effective Decision-Making: Academic Governance defines policies and practices which ensure transparent and fair decision-making processes for student conduct, assessment, grading, and appeals process. The academic process and compliance manual owned by Academic Governance defines the roles and responsibilities of student, faculty, and all stakeholders involved in academic delivery. Academic Governance overseas the enforcement of the policies and processes to ensure parity in decision making.

Accountability: It establishes mechanisms for accountability within the academic teams. This includes action taken reports on External Examiners observations, Annual Programme quality reports. It conducts periodic review, audits, and evaluates curriculum related documents to ensure compliance to regulation and standards.

Faculty Training: Academic Governance conducts regular training for faculty on academic processes, innovative teaching and learning strategies, pedagogical practices etc.

Student Experience: Academic Governance ensures students are aware of rules and responsibilities and creates processes to hear their voice. It ensures actions are taken on points raised by students and communicated back to the student.

Research Outlook: Academic Governance is responsible for driving research in the institution. It is involved in setting research priorities, establishing guidelines for ethical practices and academic integrity. It shares with students and faculty all relevant information regarding research opportunities, collaborations, upcoming events, and conferences.

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