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The Master's program in Fashion Styling at our institution was created due to the increasing importance of Fashion Styling in today’s industrial landscape. It was developed to address the changing market needs, the widespread impact of visual communication and technology, and fashion's ever-expanding global reach.

The M. Des. in Fashion Styling program aims to prepare students for careers that require both creativity and technical training to succeed. It equips aspiring fashion stylists with an advanced skill set encompassing fashion, design, and cutting-edge technologies. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and a global perspective, the program fosters all rounded development of our students, placing them in good stead to take up challenging career pursuits upon graduation.

Furthermore, this master’s degree program recognizes that students' backgrounds and creative capabilities are diverse. It encourages a broad intake and provides a platform for students to come together, fostering an environment where they can leverage their individual strengths while sharing and learning from each other. Through strong collaborations with the fashion industry, the program keeps students informed about current industry trends. Additionally, the School for Life at Pearl Academy nurtures important 21st-century life skills like leadership and critical thinking, preparing students for success in a dynamic and unpredictable market.



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