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Parag Goswami, an assistant professor at Pearl Academy, is a distinguished postgraduate educator in Fashion Styling and Image Design. With a comprehensive tenure of over a decade in higher education and seven years in managerial capacities within Fortune 500 companies, Parag embodies a unique blend of creative insight and business acumen.

As a prolific fashion critic and insightful social commentator, Parag's analyses grace the pages of esteemed publications like 'Hindustan Times', 'Voice of Fashion', 'Outlook India', 'Indian Express', and 'The Sunday Guardian'. His multifaceted interests encompass the intersection of clothing with politics, gender dynamics, celebrity culture, and the semiotics of art and fashion.

Parag's influence extends to workshops on fashion business, personal branding, and image building. These engagements span grooming sessions for models and aspiring actors and personality development programs for corporate professionals. He enjoys a fruitful synergy with leading design houses, brands, and governmental entities, collaborating on projects encompassing skill development, training initiatives, and social impact.

Parag's passions encompass theatre, global cinema, cultural exploration, and the art of writing. His multifarious journey reflects a commitment to enriching the fashion landscape through education, critique, and the art of enhancing individual and corporate personas.

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