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Aditya Mittal, a Faculty at Pearl Academy, is an accomplished photographer and visual artist known for his multifaceted portfolio spanning fashion, advertising, travel, and abstract photography. His creative journey encompasses a profound interest in filmmaking and art direction. With an extensive 8-year background, Aditya has honed the skill of capturing beauty, emotions, and distinctive perspectives through his camera lens. Beyond his professional photography pursuits, Aditya has embraced education, sharing his wisdom and proficiency with aspiring photographers and stylists. Boasting over four years of teaching involvement, he has mentored and motivated numerous students, nurturing their artistic voices and technical dexterity. Aditya Mittal's curiosity extends into the realm of technology, as he consistently integrates the latest advancements into his work, pushing artistic boundaries and experimenting with novel techniques to craft visually arresting imagery.

Aditya's work has gained widespread recognition in renowned Indian newspapers and magazines, a testament to his aptitude for encapsulating the essence of fashion and advertising campaigns. Whether crafting high-fashion editorials or captivating advertisements, Aditya's ardour for photography and unwavering commitment to his craft radiate through each project. His lens weaves captivating visual narratives, leaving an indelible impression on viewers and establishing his standing as an adroit and versatile industry photographer.

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