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Bengaluru (30), Delhi-South (30), Mumbai (30)


India's fashion and lifestyle market is rapidly expanding, set to reach $115-125 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 11-12%. As the industry faces both opportunities and challenges, fashion and lifestyle brands are planning significant expansion in India, emphasizing its global strategic importance. To meet the growing demand for experts in fashion and lifestyle business management, our specialized BBA program is designed. It equips students to navigate this dynamic industry with innovation and expertise, leveraging India's rich cultural heritage and evolving consumer behavior. Join us at the forefront of this journey to shape the future of fashion and lifestyle business management in India.

BBA in Fashion and Lifestyle Business Management


Programs are taught by industry professionals who have an inside track on what’s moving global markets. Learn from the brightest minds in the industry as they create a supportive and stimulating learning environment where students can thrive. Meet more members of department...

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