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Niyam Bhushan, a multi-faceted mastermind, blends design wizardry with innovation alchemy to transform businesses. Armed with 36+ years of expertise in UX, design-thinking, and brand-building, he leads design teams to forge groundbreaking software and tech products. But Niyam's magic extends far beyond pixels and code. He's a multipreneur who thrives in diverse cultural landscapes, effortlessly connecting CEOs, clients, and investors in a symphony of collaboration. His consulting expertise spans over 20 industries, from healthcare to AI, and his mentorship has empowered over 300 startups to take flight. Yet, Niyam's repertoire doesn't end there. He's a published author, a captivating TEDx speaker, and even a meditation retreat leader who guides others to awaken their inner creativity. And if that's not enough, he composes music that stirs the soul. Whether it's crafting compelling business narratives, igniting creative sparks, or simply delivering impactful results, Niyam Bhushan is a holistic force, leaving an indelible mark on everything he touches.

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