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Ms. Viraja Maganti is a highly experienced professional with 25 years of expertise in facilitating courses and workshops for diverse groups, including students, teachers, and parents. She holds an M.Com in Marketing and has numerous certifications, including Montessori Teachers Training, a Diploma in Early Childcare and Education (DECCED) from IGNOU, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, EQ Educator from Six Seconds India, Parenting Coach, ICF Certified ‘Her Breakthrough’ Life Coach, Family EQ Coach, NLP Practitioner, and certifications in Mindfulness & Personal Energy Management, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Trauma Counseling, and Six Bricks Level 1 & 2.

Ms. Viraja Maganti has a rich background in curriculum building for Emotional Intelligence (EI) for schools and colleges. She has facilitated seminars for educators and provided one-on-one counselling. Her special projects include designing EI and Communication curricula for Pearl Academy, Mumbai, and an EI curriculum for a renowned Mumbai school. She delivered a lecture titled ‘EI - this live vaccine is worth a shot' for doctors of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) in August 2023 and provided EI training for principals and vice principals of Sahyog College of Catering, IT & Management Studies.

Ms. Viraja Maganti has conducted webinars on parenting for Future Generali Insurance Solutions and an international webinar on EI for professionals and homemakers in Toronto, Canada. She also established an EMOTION-LABORATORY for Equipoise Learning Pvt. Ltd., a unique laboratory for research and training on EI in India. Additionally, she organized the Festival of Emotions, a concept initiated by Six Seconds in partnership with CRY & UNICEF, for large groups across various ages, both online and offline. She assisted in creating an EI module for the ICSSR-Indian Council of Social Research for Modern College of Arts, Pune.

Her accolades include the 'Because we are worth it’s Award by an image consultancy firm and the Award for Resilience & Achievement in 2019.

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