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With 37 years of profound expertise, Tapan contributes his wealth of knowledge as a faculty of Interior Design at Pearl Academy. His educational foundation spans revered institutions like the School of Planning & Architecture (New Delhi) and Nottingham Trent University (UK).

Tapan's professional tapestry is interwoven with influential names in architecture and urban design, with notable engagements at organisations like UNDP and INTACH. As an architect at the helm of his own practice, he orchestrated captivating and pioneering projects, earning a prestigious First-Prize distinction in a national-level Urban Design competition for a commercial urban infill.

Tapan's influence resonates beyond practice, as he's adorned various roles in Delhi-NCR's educational landscape, from Studio Director to Dean of School. His impact extends nationwide, with his involvement as a Board of Studies/Faculty member at esteemed Design Institutes.

Complementing his academic pursuits, Tapan's presence graces eminent Institutes of Architecture and Design as a Visiting Professor, Mentor, and Examiner. With an ardent passion for Vernacular Architecture, Traditional Settlements, Human Dwellings, and Architecture Education, he has shared his insights on esteemed platforms, both nationally and internationally.

Tapan seamlessly weaves expertise, innovation, and a fervent love for design and education, shaping the landscape of architectural excellence.

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