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Sneha Gajendra, faculty of fashion communications at Pearl Academy, is a charismatic fashion guru and a master wordsmith. With a decade-long experience in freelance fashion writing under her chic belt, Sneha has established herself as a prominent voice in the glamorous world of fashion.

Having donned the prestigious title of Editor-in-Chief at Vanity Wink magazine, Sneha is well-versed in the fashion industry. Sneha has also been a prominent fashion blogger for over a decade, delighting her devoted followers with her unique blend of charm and invaluable style advice.

Her Master's in Fashion and Apparel Designing has allowed her to breathe life into fashion campaigns for brands from the UAE market, helping them make waves in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. She has also worked closely with the Aditya Birla Group's Liva Fluid Fashion line.

In addition to this, Sneha possesses a warm and approachable demeanour that instantly puts her students at ease. She fosters a safe and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for her students' well-being create a supportive atmosphere that promotes growth and fosters a love for learning, making her an instant favourite among the kids.

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