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Seerat Rizvi, a Pearl Academy Alumnus, graduated in 2015 with the prestigious 'Best Design Collection' accolade. Enriching her expertise through an exchange program at FIDM, Los Angeles, she specialised in Fashion and Art History.

In 2018, Seerat co-founded Galactic Grip, a photography-based Production House where she excels as a Production Designer and Art Director. Her creative finesse crafts compelling images for effective communication, catering to esteemed clients, including Dermafique & Charmis by ITC, Foodhall by Future Group, HDFC, Shaze, Arata, and overseas entities like The Tea Story & Be Maad. Formerly, she served as Creative Director for renowned brands like Shopper Stop, Godrej's Script, and Raymond, driving their print and digital campaigns.

Her journey encompassed internships with prominent names like Amit Aggarwal and Amazon, where she garnered experience as an Art Director and stylist in E-Commerce. As an esteemed Educator at Pearl Academy, Seerat imparts knowledge in Fashion and Art History, Design Processes, and Portfolio Development. Adding to her repertoire, she completed a Leadership & Management Program (LEAP), enhancing her understanding of the industry.

Seerat's Design Philosophy thrives on Functionality, Detailing, Sensibility, Tragedy, and Humor, reflecting her dynamic approach to creative expression.

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