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Sakshi B. Paul, a faculty at Pearl Academy, brings over 13 years of combined academic and industry experience. She is an alumna of Pearl Academy and holds a Bachelor's in textile design for interiors and a Master's degree in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Her passion for Indian textile handicrafts and patterned surface textiles fuels her exploration and promotion of this rich heritage. Specialising in intricate details and cultural significance, she ensures her students receive cutting-edge education through her continuous skill updates and research advancements.

Sakshi's outstanding research contributions earned her a special mention at a global fashion conference's Best Research Awards. Her leadership, evident through various roles, including Course Leader, shapes the next generation of textile designers. Beyond academia, she established 'Design Station,' an empowering home decor brand showcasing Indian crafts while promoting women's employment.

Her design prowess extends to interior projects where she artfully incorporates culture to create captivating and functional spaces. With a distinguished educational background and notable accomplishments, Sakshi B. Paul remains a driving force in textile design, enriching the industry through teaching, entrepreneurship, and innovative design solutions that reflect her profound passion for heritage and empowerment.

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