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Ruchira is a multifaceted professional,  a PhD scholar and with her expertise as an Architect, interior designer, and educator, she has amassed a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial interior projects in Delhi and NCR. In her academic career, she has contributed to architecture and interior design colleges in Delhi.​

As an educator, Ruchira has transitioned from imparting knowledge on how things are to actively engaging with learners to question how things could be. This mindset has been instrumental in shaping her mentorship approach, wherein she encourages experiential learning methodologies, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical industry applications.  Her dedication to professional growth is evident through her involvement in transformative initiatives such as Shakti III, a leadership program by McKinsey, as well as the completion of programs like PGCAP (Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practices) and TLHE (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) at Pearl Academy.​

Ruchira's scholarly contributions extend to national and international platforms, including forums like IIT-IDC Mumbai and Cumulus, where she has presented her research findings through published papers. Firmly believing in preparing the next generation of designers, she advocates for pedagogical innovations infused with technology, ensuring that students are equipped to thrive as proficient professionals in the future to thrive as proficient professionals in the future.

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