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Puja possesses a comprehensive background spanning 24 years, which encompasses both academic and industry expertise. She holds a degree in Interior Design and a Masters in Higher Education.​

To further enhance her academic qualifications, Puja pursued a Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from Nottingham Trent University, UK in 2012. Additionally, she completed a Faculty Development Programme at the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and gained valuable teaching experience at NID.​

Puja's passion lies in exploring and celebrating India's rich traditional culture and heritage, particularly in the context of applying cultural crafts to interiors and spatial design. She recognizes the importance of sustainability and design education and actively engages with these areas of interest. Puja has authored numerous papers on Design Education, Crafts, Sustainability, and the application of crafts in Interiors. Her works have garnered international and national recognition, published in esteemed publications and presented at reputable conferences. Additionally, she has engaged in research and product development within the crafts sector, yielding further publications. She firmly believes in the role of cultural crafts in modern interiors, emphasizing their potential to preserve and celebrate our rich heritage and culture. In addition to her academic pursuits.​

Puja holds prominent roles in the design community. She serves as the General Secretary and Joint Head of Academic Outreach in the Delhi Chapter of the Association of Designers of India (ADI), further demonstrating her commitment to fostering collaboration and advancement in the design industry.

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