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Pritesh Rao brings 33 years of experience to his role as a consulting course leader for the Photography Department at Pearl Academy. 

Being an award-winning graduate from JJ School of Art, Mumbai, Pritesh has had an illustrious career over the past three decades. To begin, he was the youngest ‘Photo Mentor’ for KODAK INDIA for seven years in conventional film-based Photography graduating to be one of the Senior most ‘Canon Photo Maestro’ at Canon India, assisting amateur and professional photographers for the last 25 years in the Art of Photography. 

Pritesh has also assisted commercial photographers like Girish Mistry, Rajeev Joshi, Viren Desai, and Donald Woodrow and boasts 29 years of experience in the field. 

He has further contributed to prestigious assignments from the Archeological Survey of India [ASI] and conducted over 200 workshops within the country as well as internationally. 

Thus keeping Pritesh’s love for teaching alive through the years. He believes that globalisation and the opening of Indian markets, new technologies, new products, and new systems are coming into the Indian market at a fast pace, making it essential for tomorrow’s graduates to gain knowledge of emerging technologies and opportunities.

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