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Pooja Mukadam is a Photography Faculty at Pearl Academy, bringing a valuable 10-year industry experience. After earning her Journalism and Mass Media degree, Pooja pursued her passion at FX School, completing a Professional Diploma in Photography with a specialisation in Fashion Photography.

Pooja then served as an Pearl Academy Instructor, helping launch the Leap School of Photography and working on an educational project with Schbang. Her enthusiasm for teaching shines through freelance masterclasses.

As a photographer, Pooja has shot corporate, wedding, event, beauty and fashion projects. Her fashion specialty informs model and beauty imagery. She instils in students a lifelong passion for learning photography.

For Pooja, photography is an ever-evolving learning process, and her teaching journey is a constant source of growth and discovery. With infectious enthusiasm, she motivates students to push boundaries and approach their craft with fresh eyes.

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