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Nupur Sharma is an accomplished assistant professor of fashion at Pearl Academy India. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Fashion Design from the prestigious Pearl Academy and an impressive 13-year tenure in the industry. Having collaborated with eminent couturier Varun Bahl, Nupur's skills shine in technical pattern-making and garment construction.

Nupur believes that design should make individuals feel their best and amplify their self-expression and experience. Her specialisation lies in crafting commercially viable clothing that resonates with the Indian market. She is a dedicated mentor who guides students in establishing their brands within the Indian landscape, drawing from her extensive expertise in Indian occasion wear.

A visionary in pattern making, Nupur possesses the ability to metamorphose ordinary garments into high-fashion marvels. Her creative prowess extends internationally, with her designs gracing prominent markets like Kuwait, Dubai, and New York. She has curated ensembles for numerous Indian-origin celebrities, solidifying her reputation as a sought-after designer.

Nupur has embraced 3D technology through her training in Clo3D digital software. This innovative approach reflects her commitment to pushing design boundaries. Her journey exemplifies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, making her a luminary in fashion design.

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