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Nidhi Bindal is an accomplished Associate Professor at Pearl Academy with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the TVB School of Habitat Studies and a Master's degree in Architectural Pedagogy from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Collaborating with architectural luminaries, including Prof. K.T. Ravindran, Anagram Architects, and Nila Architecture and Urban Design, Nidhi's portfolio is a tapestry of innovation spanning residential, office, institute, theatre set, installation, and exhibition designs. Her laurels include the Installation Award at the Emrg Festival of Light, the Kyoorius Absolut Born Colourless Poster Competition, and the Reliance Foundation Teacher Award.

Diving into research, Nidhi's passions encompass pedagogy, sustainable design, democratic principles, and evidence-based solutions. Her vision is cultivating immersive learning environments and tackling real-world challenges in design, social equity, and the environment.

With an enriching 14-year journey in the industry, Nidhi inspires her students to think critically and sustainably. She actively engages with the architectural community through workshops, conferences, and seminars, staying updated with industry trends and technological advancements. ‚Äč

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