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Nandini Lal, an Associate Professor of Fashion Design at Pearl Academy, brings a rich 21-year industry experience. Her journey began in 2002 with a master's degree in design and technology, shaping her into a versatile expert across sectors. Currently, Nandini is balancing her teaching at Pearl Academy with pursuing a part-time Ph.D. at NIFT, New Delhi, showcasing her dedication to learning and education.

With a decade of teaching under her belt, Nandini transitioned from the business world to academia, driven by her passion for growth and knowledge. During her tenure at Pearl Academy, she has taught a variety of subjects and guided students through the design process, strategic garment planning, and nurturing aspiring fashion entrepreneurs.

Early experiences at organizations like Arvind Mills, Shivalik Printing Limited, ILFS Cluster Development Initiative, and Eco Tushar provided her with a strong foundation in the fashion and textile industries. This solid grounding enriched her perspective and honed her industry insights.

Nandini's vision embraces an educational future where learning shapes future leaders of change, and sustainable practices become integral to the fashion design industry. Her commitment to this vision is a testament to her role as a trailblazer in merging creativity, education, and responsibility.

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