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Mehendi Sharma, a senior Faculty at Pearl Academy, is a Pearl Academy - Jaipur design graduate. She established her self-titled brand, "Mehendi Sharma," in 2018, focusing on conscious clothing with a seasonless ethos. Drawing from rich experience, she collaborated with renowned Indian designers, including Ritu Kumar, AMPM, Anju Modi, Fizzy Goblet, Tata Motors, Shrujan.Org, and Tarun Tahiliani.

Mehendi's distinctive teaching approach engages students through innovation and experiential techniques, nurturing their creativity. She delves into design's role in symbols, visual communication, and their impact on material futures, culture, and society. Currently pursuing a Master's in "Folklore and Cultural Studies," her dedication to research is evident. A creative trailblazer, Mehendi continually evolves her Design Thinking, manifesting a balanced journey of reflection and progress.

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