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Manpreet Kaur, an accomplished assistant professor at Pearl Academy, brings over 12 years of experience as a qualified interior designer and educator. She has dual degrees in interior design and commerce and holds an international master’s degree from CEPT University and Hockshule Fur Technik, Germany.

With a diverse background, Manpreet has led projects ranging from multinational corporate offices to residential and retail design, emphasising craft-based solutions, branding, visual merchandising, and furniture design. She passionately believes that ‘design creates impactful experiences’ and is dedicated to promoting craft-based design integration.

Her influence extends beyond teaching, as she advocates for cultural craft's incorporation in design, curating visits to craft clusters, exhibitions, and artisan interaction spaces. Manpreet's authored papers on craft and design, identity and symbolism in Sikh architecture, and reflective education/practice underline her active role in academia.

Committed to ongoing development, she pursues design, research, craft, heritage, design software, and higher education courses. Actively engaging with the design community through events, conferences, seminars, workshops, and webinars, Manpreet exemplifies dynamism in design and education circles.

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