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Ganesh Gulve, a faculty at Pearl Academy, brings a rich 13-year career to the table. As a practising Architect, Furniture Designer, and dedicated Academician, his core focus revolves around sustainable design practices that elevate local communities' living standards. A graduate of Furniture Design from the renowned National Institute of Design (NID), his educational foundation is solid.

Ganesh's career is punctuated by remarkable collaborations. He partnered with the celebrated architect Laurie Baker at COSTFORD, contributing to cost-effective building solutions in Kerala. His impact extended to post-Tsunami recovery efforts in Tarangambadi, teaming up with INTACH to restore Tamil houses in the historic Danish settlements and engaging closely with local craftsmen.

Operating from Jaipur, Ganesh's practice harmonises craft and design, merging traditional techniques with future-oriented solutions. The interplay between architecture and furniture design informs his approach, resulting in environmentally conscious designs that resonate with communities. Ganesh Gulve embodies the fusion of creativity, sustainability, and community empowerment.

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