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Divyansh Singh is a distinguished product designer, digital design expert, and esteemed senior lecturer at Pearl Academy. With almost ten years of rich creative experience, he brings a substantial reservoir of expertise and wisdom to his role.

Having graduated from NIFT with a Lifestyle Accessories Design degree, Divyansh pursued a Master's degree in Crafts and Hard Material Design. This academic journey has nurtured a profound comprehension of materials like wood, metal, and stone. His exceptional fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design principles distinguishes him within the field.

Throughout his career, Divyansh has collaborated with export houses and design studios, contributing to a diverse array of projects for both local retailers and global buyers, including renowned names like West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, and Target.

Beyond his professional feats, he exudes genuine empathy and has actively connected with artisans, notably through the Creative Dignity Programme. Here, he leverages his digital prowess to assist local artisans in establishing digital portfolios and effectively selling their creations online.

Besides design, Divyansh draws inspiration from various creative avenues such as photography, videography, and sports. These pursuits enrich his creative outlook and augment his problem-solving acumen.

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