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Divya Saxena, an Associate Professor at Pearl Academy, boasts 17 years of accomplished experience as an Architect, Industrial Designer, and Educator. With extensive collaboration across industries such as Exhibitions, Retail, Interiors, FMCG, Furniture, Toys, and Education, Divya's expertise spans diverse sectors.

Having garnered esteemed awards, including The Pidilite Award of Excellence and the Global Sponsorship Project by Honeywell in Chicago, Divya stands out for her exceptional achievements. Her collaborative multidisciplinary design studio caters to various needs, showcasing her versatility.

As a co-founder of an elementary student-focused startup, Divya seamlessly blends education, application, and fun. Her research pursuits delve into Sustainability, Biomimicry, and the intersection of future technology with creative disruption.

With a well-rounded background and dedication to innovative education and design, Divya Saxena continues to leave an indelible mark across various domains.

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