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Bhagyashri Sharma holds the position of Department Lead for the Interior Design team in the North Zone at Pearl Academy. With a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, she's a dynamic professional pursuing her PhD research at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Bhagyashri's portfolio shines with the successful execution of diverse residential and commercial projects, where she has assumed the role of a project leader. Her deep-rooted commitment to innovative and ethical design echoes in her teachings, as she imparts these values to aspiring designers.

A prolific researcher, Bhagyashri's work has been recognised nationally and internationally, including publications in Scopus Indexed journals, Design Society Denmark, and IIT Bombay.

Her inspiring energy, exceptional skillset, and robust leadership have cultivated an environment of empowerment, heightened productivity, and a team that consistently exceeds expectations. Beyond her pivotal role in leading teams, she actively contributes to strategic decisions, fueling progressive transformations within Pearl Academy.

With a repertoire of constructive strategies and a mastery of empathy and emotional intelligence, Bhagyashri adeptly surmounts challenges with an optimistic spirit.

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