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Anthony Roche is a consultant at Pearl Academy with a remarkable 20 years of experience spanning publishing, graphics, and UI/UX design. He has honed his expertise in diverse creative domains.

He is a distinguished Design and Advertising professional hailing from Bangalore. He earned his BFA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) from the esteemed College of Art Bangalore and pursued an MVA (Master of Visual Arts) from the University of Bangalore.

Anthony also holds the esteemed position of Chairperson Board of Examination at the University of Bangalore, specialising in Visual Arts. Notably, he previously had the role of Award Head at Icat Design and Media College, showcasing his commitment to nurturing emerging talents.

His journey has encompassed collaborations with notable entities like the Times of India and Caribbean Education Publishers. Passionate about education, Anthony employs innovative teaching methods to engage students in Graphics, Advertising, Motion, and UI/UX design, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning atmosphere.

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