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Dr. Aneesha Henry is an Associate Professor of Fashion Communication at Pearl Academy. She holds a degree from Sophia Social Communication Media, Mumbai. With over 12 years of experience in academia, Aneesha has taught various subjects such as journalism, films, and mass communication. 

Driven by her deep love for cinema, Aneesha embarked on a journey to pursue a PhD in the field. Alongside her academic pursuits, she also dedicated her time to working with the Last Wilderness Foundation, an NGO focused on wildlife conservation, before completely transitioning into the world of academia.

Actively contributing her writing skills to research papers in films and events, she currently serves as an editor for an upcoming book series.

Aneesha ventured into the realm of fashion communication propelled by her inner cinephile, recognizing the medium's potential to intertwine with films. Her diverse background and extensive expertise render her an invaluable asset in bridging the gap between the realms of fashion and cinema, propelling these two distinct yet interconnected industries towards a harmonious convergence.

Throughout her career, she has been committed to bringing positive changes to the teaching and learning process, constantly striving to make it engaging and dynamic.

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