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Abhishek Jain is an accomplished architect and interior designer who brings his vibrant 15 years of expertise to the forefront as a revered Interior Design Faculty at Pearl Academy. He holds a postgraduate degree in Urban Regeneration.

Collaborating with luminaries like the late Architect Revathi, Vasanth Kamath, and Prof. K.T. Ravindran, he has cultivated a unique expertise in sustainable designs and the restoration of heritage structures.

Not just a practitioner, Abhishek's intellectual prowess graces the pages of international research papers and book chapters. His work has found a place in esteemed publications, including "Fringe" by the University College of London Press, "Historic Cities in the Face of Disaster" by Springer Nature Switzerland, "Urban Futures 3" by the University of Gloucestershire, and "Sustainable Built Environment" by IIT Roorkee.

Abhishek is a captivating speaker and panellist who has enraptured audiences at global and national conferences, leaving an indelible mark on the design discourse. Alongside his dynamic professional journey, he has tirelessly embraced the world of education, embracing the "Craft Knowledge of Teaching" as a driving force.

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