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With nearly 15 years of experience within the fashion and media industry, Aparna Mudi holds the roles of Assistant Professor and Department Leader of Fashion Communications at Pearl Academy.

A graduate of NIFT, New Delhi, Aparna’s professional journey encompasses roles with esteemed organisations like Hope Kolkata Foundation and Etasha Society. These experiences allowed her to flourish in skill development, curriculum construction, and immersive teaching.

Aparna's vibrant career trajectory also includes stints as a journalist for distinguished media houses, including Zee Media Limited, India Today, and Indian Express, with a focus on the realms of entertainment and lifestyle. Beyond journalistic pursuits, she also runs her personal website, embracing an eclectic array of subjects like art, poetry, travelogues, and in-depth research pieces.

Thus, Aparna has firmly established herself as an authority in contemporary media education, especially in the arena of fashion media. As a faculty member at Pearl Academy, she has honed her expertise in digital journalism, social media tactics, content creation, cultural exploration, new media studies, and emerging media trends.

A fervent advocate for guiding and nurturing students' life skills through hands-on projects and career mentorship, Aparna also extends her support to faculty peers pursuing postgraduate certification. Her belief in education as the bedrock of the future fuels her commitment to viewing learning as an unceasing voyage, both for her pupils and herself.

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