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Alok Bhasin, an esteemed Associate Professor at Pearl Academy, is a seasoned Architect, Interior Designer, and educator with a remarkable 26-year trajectory spanning international and national realms. He holds a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from MDU, and his commitment to perpetual learning and professional growth is evident.

Actively involved as an External Jury member for Architecture and Design Schools in Delhi and the NCR, Alok's influence extends beyond academia. His dynamic career encompasses a rich array of projects, from residential to commercial, institutional, retail, and hospitality, reflecting his prowess as a practising architect and interior designer both in India and overseas.

Alok's intellectual pursuits have borne fruit in numerous authored papers covering Design Education, Crafts, Sustainability, and History and Culture. His all-encompassing interests stretch across Design History, Literature, Traditional Crafts, Heritage, and Sustainability, mirroring his profound passion for innovation, interactivity, and holistic design principles.

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