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Nandita Shah, a department lead at Pearl Academy, draws from diverse influences that shaped her journey—from a farm in India to boarding school and studies in Italy. Her artistic foundation began in Panchgani with basic art education, followed by Fashion Design at NIFT Gandhinagar and a Masters in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni, Milano. During her Master's, she collaborated with fashion forecasting firms and Milan-based houses, including Elio Fiorucci's Love Therapy Srl.

With a flair for fashion analysis, she's keenly observed Milan's fashion weeks and Salone del Mobile, embodying her role as a fashion analyst. Nandita's holistic design philosophy extends to her costume design work for the Indo-German production "DUST," which premiered at Berlinale, and her consultancy for Ahmedabad's The House of MG heritage property.

Guided by the belief that fashion is intertwined with daily living, she integrates creativity and finesse into everyday life. Deeply rooted in Indian traditions, Nandita values local craftsmanship and integrates age-old traditions into modern urban living. As an academician, she imparts these insights to her students, fostering wise thinking within the fashion profession. Engaging in continuous research, she is committed to the evolution of fashion styling and communication.

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